Thursday, July 13, 2017

All Black & Oxblood

For the dark and stormy grey days in the middle of summer. It's just not fair but we can't let bad weather get in the way of making an all back statement. Mixed with a deep red, of course. This lipstick has become an obsession of mine. 

Then again, who doesn't love a pop of color with an all black ensemble. Any color will do! Bright, light, deep, sass. It's the best. 

This lip is from MAC. It's my first ever MAC purchase. Believe it, friends. This gal isn't making it up. My old co-workers would rave about specific lipstick colors and products. Majority of my makeup comes from Sephora. We all know MAC isn't one of their clients. My normal go to lipsticks are Nars and Rimmel. High end and low end, can't beat it. 

This summer, it's a goal of mine to try out different lipsticks and move away from liquid lips. Though, they're my favorite. This is a statement for the books! Liquid matte lips are everything! 

However, this lipstick is a total game changer. This lip stayed on through tea and lunch. I did reapply at after lunch though due to a lack of lip liner.

The lip is called Viva Glam. It brings me life.

On to gold accessories. You all know about my watch from past posts. My newest accessories are the little gold knuckle rings from a boutique in Kirkland. Serendipity Consignment was right across the street from Hector's, our brunch spot. Adding that it was on a hot beautiful summer day... this little spot has tons of great gently used clothing, shoes and accessories. It also sells new items too, like these rings.

Top: Marshall's (similar) // Pants: Express // Booties: The Office // Watch: 
Marc by Marc Jacobs // Earrings: JewelMint (old, similar) // Lipstick: MAC, Viva Glam 

Earrings are very old. Bought from JewelMint when they first came out. It's far from gone but there were some great pieces from that company once.

My last ring, the one in the photo below, is a family antique that my grandmother gave to me years ago. It's something that keeps my close to her and goes nicely with my new rings. Old and new!

What little boutique do you love?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Meeting Vibes

Nothing better than a Saturday morning meeting with a non-profit. The whole morning was spent cleaning and organizing before my leadership retreat. This year my goal was to put myself to the test and go to a different part of the non-profit org. 

My position is in connecting members and building lasting friendship for the league's year and, hopefully, life. It's already been an amazing start because it connects me with senior leaders who have had amazing careers throughout their membership. 

The attire was business casual. Since the morning was spent cleaning my kitchen, vacuuming my living room and organizing my Disney collection for my friend's weekend visit, my outfit was a bit more casual than normal. 

This outfit is head-to-toe SALE. They were all purchases on a discount site or in store. Including my necklace. My watch was a gift so that that the ultimate freebie. 

The easy, relaxed fitted tank is from Fred Meyer. If you can believe that. It was on the sale rack and something that was picked up while on my trip to the Oregon Coast last month. So, not only was it on sale, but there wasn't sales tax. The 10% adds up! 

My flats are Tahari. A favorite because of the "T" initial on the toes. All of my favorite brands are T's: Tahari, Tory Burch, Trouvé, Treasure & Bond, Tom Ford. The list goes on and on. 

Tank: Fred Meyer (similar) // Cardigan: Rack, Treaded Needle // 
Pants: Express // Necklace: Gorjana (similar) // Flats: Tahari (similar)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

That Little Pink Romper

Shortly after my birthday is one of my best friend's birthdays. Recently my social life has revolved around birthdays and, personally, my wardrobe and self couldn't be happier about it. The people that are important to me are somehow almost all Cancers. Maybe that is Gemini tendencies. We get along well with Aries, Aquarius and Cancers. My childhood friend is a cancer and she's coming up for her birthday weekend to celebrate toward the end of the month.

For this party, we went out to Bastille. It's a charming bar/restaurant with patio in Ballard. It's finally summer in Seattle so, naturally, the rompers came out. Though rompers are frustrating to get undo, for ex. to use the restroom (you thought something else, didn't you?). They can take awhile to adapt to.

This romper is a favorite. Primarily because of the length. To be honest, personally, short is the way too go. This one challenges that standard for me. Normally this would be too modest. Which is why it works well for my wardrobe. There isn't anything else like it in the closet.

This night was fortunate. My hair was curled, my make up was from my new palette (which will be shared in a future post) and my shoes are a favorite. PLUS, bonus round: The romper comes with pockets. Game changer!! Love the ruffles, the color and the price.

Target, friends. Can you believe that? Target. This was purchased a few months ago when the weather wasn't cooperating. This was a purchase for the books!

Romper - Target (similar, similar, similar) // Gold Bangles - Gift from India (from my grandmother) // Sandals - Seychelles, Garden Leather Sandals (similar) // Make up below

Sandals were purchased from a last year. A great life decision. They're constantly worn now because they easily transition from work to a night out. They keep my legs in shape and they aren't uncomfortable at all. They're my favorite heeled sandal and they're frequently worn to work. They've even been walked home in! 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Black and White 4th of July

A little late on posting but this is the outfit of the day for the 4th of July. This was taken right before brunch at Glo's. If you're from Seattle, you know Glo's. If you're new to the neighbor or visiting, it's a very small spot up on Capitol Hill.

It's got great dishes and there's always a line outside. The secret: It's worth the wait.

After meeting and catching up with my friend, Ishea, there was a lot of chores to do. If you couldn't tell. The piles of blankets and nicknacks on my table and counters were driving me nuts. Almost everything has a spot now.

Romper: The Loft (old, similar and similar) // Sandals: Target // 
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

My outfit is from The Loft. Unfortunately, it was purchased a few years ago but it's still a go-to in my closet for an easy outfit. Rompers are my jam. It's an outfit, all in one.

Paired with new sandal from Target and my favorite Marc Jacobs gold watch. Easy breezy!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jean Jacket & A Belated Birthday Outfit

This month whipped on by, along with my birthday. It was at the very beginning of the month and between the new job, the move, the social dates and my trip to the beach; it got washed over. 

My support team in the city couldn't be stronger. Though it's been through a lot of trial, especially in the past 6 month to a year, my true friends are real. They can be honest, they know and love love and we bring a mutual quality to one another's lives. We don't take each other for granted or walk over one another or compete, which is a beautiful kind of love. Isn't it? 

To adorn your friends with so much respect, you know when to step down or step up? Which is why I called up one of my best friends, K, the Saturday before my birthday. You see, nothing was planned. The very last thing my mind could think about was organizing my own birthday. The fact of the matter was, one should not be alone on ones birthday. No matter what. With this in mind, my request was simple: nothing flashy, crazy or insane. Perhaps burgers or tacos. When your in your early thirties and it's your birthday, one must also 'Treat Yo Self'.


This is the outfit for work. There was a wardrobe change later in the evening for my Friend-Date night. This outfit was all comfort. It could have been trendy and tight and wildly UNcomfortable but at the last minute, my mind chose happiness. 

This terrifically easy to throw on razor-back dress is from Marshall's. It cost less than twenty bucks and it fits like a glove. It has a slight high-low for us petite ladies. My 5'3 booty decided to go with gladiator flat sandals which are embarrassingly old, worn and perfect. However, should be replaced. The denim jacket is from Old Navy, via Thrift Store. One of my favorite purchases. 

This post makes me want to wear this outfit all over again! 

 Black Dress - Marshall's (similar) // Jean Jacket - Old Navy, via thrift story (similar) // Gladiator Sandals - Ann Taylor // Black Bag - Gift from Bellevue Fashion Show // Necklace - Forever21 (old) // Sunglasses: BP, Nordstrom

P.S. Please excuse my project sneak peaks!